DIY Crafty Smartphone Stand

20 08 2010

I was getting all crafty today, and I though of a great idea to make my own smartphone stand to hold up my phone on my desk, nightstand, or coffee table.  Sure, manufacturers will sell you one for lots of dough, and you might even be able to buy one for less on eBay made from cheap plastic.  But nothing is quite so satisfying as designing and making your own.  So here it is, only I took part of the hassle out by designing it for you.

I’m not going to claim this a game changer or anything, but you can get the supplies rather cheaply at Staples or any office supply or art supply store.  I made mine out of black-on-black foam core, but you can also get it in assorted colors with white core. So go ahead and get creative.

While I designed it with both my Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) and old T-Mobile G1 in mind.  It should also work well for the HTC Evo, the Droid X, Droid Incredible, both versions of the Droid (original and 2) and a host of other smartphones.  The base may be a bit to shallow for some deeper smartphones with keyboards, and it isn’t designed for upright/vertical use.  (Maybe I could design one, if asked nicely and bribed with beer.)

Finally, I suppose you could use it with a host of Apple products, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, but since I hate everything Apple, I will not offer any support or advice for anyone asking how to use it with their Apple device.  Apple devices are made for technophobic and hipster idiots, and I simply have neither the time or patience for it.  Bite me, Jobs!

Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions if you like, but please do not copy or redistribute the plans.  Rather, just send a link back to this page.




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